The Cozumel Chrysalis Group
Dedicated to helping children in need achieve their full potential!

The Cozumel Chrysalis Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial scholastic support for the island's students. Mexican public school students pay a registration fee and must provide their own uniforms and classroom supplies. Many families in Cozumel lack the financial ability to send their children to school. The Cozumel Chrysalis Group assists those students who show a desire to better their lives through education, so that they can meet and maintain established academic standards.

Our organization began by assisting 10 students in 1995, and in 14 years that number has grown to over 220! Once a child has entered our program, they receive assistance throughout their school years. Additional assistance is always welcome!

Sponsorship Program

A one-time contribution of $100 per elementary student or $220 per Jr or High School student will provide assistance for one year of education. Click here for Sponsorship Form or Email for more information.

Ongoing Used Clothing Sales

If you have any extra space in your luggage, please bring used clothes. Clothes are sold at a nominal price to provide the local residents with inexpensive clothing while raising funds for school supplies. For questions, email Alicia or call 1-866-511-1014 toll free from the U.S. or Canada, or 872-5478 from Cozumel.

School Supplies / Small Donations

We purchase school supplies for students. If you want to bring some along, click here to see our current needs.
If you don't have space, a check or cash ($10 - $20) will help us with our purchases.

Drop Off Locations

Used clothing, school supplies and financial donations may be dropped off at one of three locations: Tony Rome's Restaurant on 5 Avenida between Salas and Calle 3, Hotel Aguilar on Calle 3 and 5 Avenida, or at Paradise Beach.

NEW! Donate online using this button:

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While we like to send thank-you's to all our donors, we don't always get a name, address or email address, even if you leave one with your donation. Please know that we very much appreciate all the kind people who have supported Chrysalis over the years, and all future donors as well.